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Featherweight Case Restoration Ideas

Posted by April Henry on

If you are a member of the Singer Featherweight 221 & 222K Sewing Machines Facebook group then chances are you've seen some of the clever ideas for restoring a Featherweight case.  Now, we aren't meaning an easy case refurbish, but rather a complete case restoration.  A complete case restoration could be an option for those cases that would otherwise need to be thrown to the trash heap due to compromised stability or having been so overtaken by mold or mildew.

Some restorations are easier than others, but we hope you will find inspiration from the Featherweight community and their creative ideas!

*Note:  Some cases may be too far gone or have a weaker construction that inhibits doing some of these restorations.  Proceed at your own risk when restoring your case.

1.)  Decoupage case photo from Barbara L.

Barbara L. decoupage fabric case

This particular case is decoupaged with Cavallini decorative papers.  I love the colors on this one!

Barbara was even so kind as to type out her own instructions to the process she used.  We have included it as a free PDF download by clicking here.


2.) Paint & Decoupage by Iaci F. (first name is pronounced ē-aw-seé, by the way)

Paint & Decoupaged Restored Featherweight Case

The shabby chic paint and decoupage paperie details are quite lovely and feminine!

Iaci provided a collage photo of the steps she took to make her case match her pretty pink machine that she had repainted.  (Here's a link to some of the individuals we know who repaint machines.)

Pink Shabby Chic Featherweight Case - Restored


3.)  Lynda C. has a lovely case that was restored to the bare wood, stained then varnished.

Lynda C.'s wood restored Featherweight case

The wood underneath some of the Featherweight cases is just beautiful!


4.)  Stacey T. had a White Featherweight case that was in bad shape and needed restored.  She sent us a few photos showing her restoration process.  You will notice in the last photographs that her talented husband hand-tooled a leather decorative piece for the top of her case.  Isn't it gorgeous?

Stacey T. White Featherweight Case Restore

Stacey T. White Featherweight Case Restore

Stacey T. White Featherweight Case Restore

Stacey T. White Featherweight Case Restore

Stacey T. White Featherweight Case Restore

Stacey T. White Featherweight Case Restore

Stacey T. White Featherweight Case Restore

Stacey T. White Featherweight Case Restore

Stacey T. White Featherweight Case Restore

I asked Stacey if her husband had a special leather tool to create that Featherweight and she said he carved it by hand!  Extremely talented, I'll say!


5.)  Kristianne S. had a case that was so rotten from water damage that covering it was her only option.  She used fabric to decoupage her case and we thought it was so darling in the black and white retro prints.

Kristianne's Case Restoration

Restoring and decoupaging a case can be quite intricate and detailed, but Kristianne offers her services to do this process for you.  Please feel free to contact her directly for more details.  Prices vary depending on the case, type of restoration and time involved... but she is quite talented!


6.)  Karen C. had a tan featherweight case that was musty, moldy, and peeling inside.  Taking her time, she worked on one side at a time to recover it with scrapbook paper.  Karen used elmers glue to glue it down and then finished off the outside with a poly.


7.)  Using a NEW Replica Featherweight case, "Auntie Susie" recovered it to make it more personal and fun to display. 


What about you?  Do you have photos of a Featherweight case that you restored?  If you would you like to email them to us to submit as creative inspiration to others, we would love to share your ideas, too!  Our email address is provided on our Contact Us page, so please feel free to send them in and we will add them to this post.

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