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Featherweight Shop Schedule Update During Covid-19
by April Henry

Hours of Mail-Order Operation:  9am to 4pm

Please Contact Us via Email with any questions.


Below you will find some recent photos of our staff as we worked behind the scenes.  We all look forward to serving you and preparing your Singer Featherweight orders.

Shipping Department:  We are so grateful for our staff! They were able to take some preparation work home this week. And, as a small family business in the countryside of Idaho, our shop is right next door to our home.  This means we are fulfilling orders and wrapping ric rac packages just as we always have.

Tech Department:  Servicing and preparing Featherweight machines from their home in the interim, cleaning parts, and answering questions via email.


Customer Service:  Working from home temporarily during this time - answering calls as needed to assist with taking orders and answering all questions via email.

Let us know how we can assist you with your Singer Featherweight!






Hello, Featherweight Family and Friends!

Like us, you've likely received many, many emails addressing the latest news on the world front regarding Covid-19.  What a kindness that so many have reached out to acknowledge and share where they are at in this worldwide situation.  Pondering each new response has given perspective and made us even more aware of how much we are all united in humanity.  Our response may have some similarities, but it may be somewhat different, too, so, we hope and pray that you will keep reading as we provide a glimpse of what we are chatting about behind the scenes at The Featherweight Shop.

THE SHOP:  The Featherweight Shop is located way out in the country, about 15 minutes from the nearest small town, with a population sign that reads 607. 

(Coincidentally, there is a rather large quilt shop directly across the road from us, so when this global situation is all behind us, and you want a back country adventure to our shop, you will have another fun place to explore!)  Because we do happen to live in the back country of Idaho, our staff and overall local mindset generally already has a proactive approach about being healthy.  For years, our local community has exchanged wellness recipes and ideas for boosting immunity.  For example, we pick and share elderberries, which grow wild here – literally, along the side of the road, in the neighboring field or even in our back yards.

During flu season, April makes yummy-tasting elderberry syrup and has even traded with Wendalyn, our inventory director, for a jar of her very healthy, flu-fighting Fire Cider

(Carmon thinks the Fire Cider is not so tasty, but it is awfully comical to watch him drink it!)  The shop even provides a handy supply of Vitamin-C packets for staff to enjoy and use year-round, but particularly during winter months.  A year ago, we ditched aroma candles for air diffusers and have regularly fragranced the office with Thieves Oil, (a natural disinfectant) and other fun, healthy scents.  Norwex cloths are kept handy, and we use them regularly to clean and disinfect all surfaces, and, of course, frequent handwashing is a given and goes without saying (except we just said it).  So, as far as being proactive at The Featherweight Shop, it will be “business as usual” in helping to keep all of our staff and their families healthy.  Does it mean that no one ever gets sick?  Of course not, illness is just a natural consequence of living in this fallen world, but these proactive measures remind us to be conscientious all the time, to care for one another and to "love our neighbor".  After all, we have lots of ric rac packages to tie up and ship out, so we aim to be and stay healthy all the time!


LOCALLY:  The grocery store has become a bit limited on bread supply, so our local bakery is now taking orders for fresh-baked bread and delivering it curbside.  And, with their bread slicer, will even slice it!  Seriously... Is that not the greatest news… since, you know, sliced bread?  (Couldn’t resist! 😊…. Talk about comfort food, though – fresh homemade bread!)  Speaking of, April makes fresh bread almost weekly, and here's one of her favorite family recipes


Government schools have closed statewide, but homeschooling is prevalent in our area and we love sharing educational materials with others. There are some amazing online resources available, and with so many children and families at home during this time of social distancing, this can be a productive experience to learn subjects together.  This science series is one our family has enjoyed for years, even before it was necessary to do the homework.  When our children were younger, we would watch episode after episode as family entertainment, and the kids would ask to watch more!  The teaching is reasoned, simplified yet fascinating, and applicable for all age groups together.  You might even find a cameo appearance of Christian and April in the Physics DVD. And, while we are making some learning suggestions… With economics being another forefront topic on our minds, this DVD curriculum is excellent and fascinating for teens and adults alike. 

GLOBAL COMMUNITY:  We recently had to face the very hard, but understandable decision of the Hawaii cruise being canceled.  Our tropical adventure amongst Featherweight friends was so close, we could practically taste the pineapples and feel the warm sandy beaches beneath our feet.  However, none of that was worth risking the health of any cruise guest, so we acquiesced.  With so many other cruises canceled this month, and Canada closing their ports (our last cruise stop) through July, we were grateful that Celebrity was so accommodating and forward-thinking when they rescheduled us another Featherweight group cruise for next year.  So, if you were registered for our Hawaii cruise, please give us a call or email us directly with questions regarding registration.

MESSAGE OF HOPE:  As mentioned earlier, Covid-19 has made our family more cognitive of our connectedness with others.  We have extended family in Washington state, missionary friends in China, local friends who have family in Italy, and it goes on and on.  Whether directly, or indirectly, we have all been affected by this from every aspect of daily living: healthcare, economics, grocery buying, etc. and it is causing uncertainty, and wonder for many.  We acknowledge that most of the world will come through this unscathed and “we will make it together” with all the worry for naught.  But, what about those who are or have already been affected by it? Or deeply overwhelmed by something else - perhaps, a recent terminal cancer diagnosis, or an unexpected death of a child or loved one, sudden financial loss or ruin.  What about all those people, with Covid-19 or without?  There must be a solid and hopeful answer for them as well as for the rest of the world.........................

Our family would like you to know that there is an answer; truth is not subjective nor arbitrary, but it is absolute and foundational.  As Christians, when fear and deep sorrow come our way, we sometimes ask the ‘why’ questions, too.  The answer, though, is extrinsic, not intrinsic.  We are great sinners in need of a great Savior, and His name is Jesus Christ... the Great Comforter, Hope of nations, and Redeemer of sinful people like us.

Isaiah 45:22 - Turn to Me and be saved, all the ends of the earth;
For I am God, and there is no other.

John 14:6 - Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

In good times, but particularly in times like these, we are compelled to pray and share the good news of the gospel.  This video articulates so much of our own hearts and may it encourage you to repent and believe the Gospel, too - the good news for any and all times!

Godspeed, and God bless.

The Henry Family