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SHOP TALK: Featherweight Faceplate Cover
by Ashley Fritsche

Welcome back to Shop Talk here at The Featherweight Shop! We love our local chit chat with staff, gathering around the dinette table so-to-speak (because that is what we have!) and sharing with one another. In these segments, we exchange patterns, recipes, organizational ideas, history quips, gardening tips, crafty projects, and smiles about learning an old-fashioned way of doing things. Shop Talk is the fun tidbits of news!


Today, we are looking at a pretty little Featherweight Faceplate Cover that attaches to the front of the machine. This darling project is incredibly easy to make and helps to protect your Featherweight when stored. All you need is two pieces of quilter's cotton about 3 inches wide by about 9-10 inches, one cotton batting piece of the same size and a 3 inch piece of rick rack. Layer the fabric, batting and rick rack like this:

  1. Fabric (right side up)
  2. Rick Rack
    (cut edges together at the top along the raw seam edge, loop pointing down towards the center of the cover)
  3. Fabric (right side down)
  4. Batting

Sew both long sides and across the top rick rack end (I like to sew the rick rack end first to secure the rick rack in place). Turn right side out. Then, turn under the open, unsewn bottom edges in and sew the Featherweight Faceplate Cover closed. Place the sewn edge under your presser foot and loop the rick rack over the presser bar knob so that the cover goes over the thumb screw, protecting cushioning the bed of your machine. VOILA!

bed protective cushion

bed protective cushion