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Featherweight Maintenance Workshop, Advanced Technician's Course

Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop, Advanced

Advanced Technician's Course on site at the Featherweight Shop:

The Advanced Technician's Course is designed for those who have a desire to delve into all aspects of Singer Featherweight maintenance and servicing.  This course will go beyond routine maintenance and onto advanced levels of motors, tension and timing.  The course targets those who have an avid Featherweight hobby and/or those who have a large collection of Featherweights in need of maintenance and troubleshooting.  You will be learning how to service a problem Featherweight or one that is not quite in perfect sewing order.  This contrasts the Novice Maintenance course where we just cover routine maintenance and service.  With only 6 spots available, a small group setting assures each attendee that he or she will receive plenty of personalized, one-on-one time with Carmon or Christian. 

Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop, Advanced

The class will be held on-site at the Featherweight Shop where we will have access to all the tools, supplies, and equipment that we use every day for Featherweight service, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

To see this year's schedule, registration information, and pricing for our Advanced Technician's Courses; click here!

The Advanced Technician's Course will be held over two days.  The first day we will begin at 2:00 pm with a Featherweight Shop "Meet & Greet".  Get to know the staff as well as refresh & review with the other class members any basic maintenance information. This will be an informal setting for Q & A and a preparation time before moving on to more advanced teaching the following day.  (Refreshments and dinner will be provided the first day.)

Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop, Advanced

The next morning at 9:00 am we will dive right into our technical, advanced, and troubleshooting training.  We will take a closer look at the timing, motor, and foot controller of the Featherweight.  Things like peculiar noises, stiff machines, and slow motors will also be addressed. The entire course will end at 5:00 P.M. the second day.
(Lunch and refreshments will be provided the second day.)

Advanced Technician's Course Class members will learn:

  • Oiling and Lubricating of the Featherweight
  • Electrical Components 
  • Foot Controller Repair and Adjustment
  • Machine Mechanics & Stitch Formation
  • Understanding the Hook Assembly
  • Timing
  • Needle Dynamics
  • Tension Unit Dis-Assemble & Re-Assemble
  • Faulty Parts
  • Troubleshooting
  • Motor Repair
  • Featherweight History Discussions 
  • Q & A

Supply List & Tools Required for Advanced Technician's Course:

  1. Featherweight Machine -- must include Bobbin Case & Bobbin
  2. *Small Wera Screwdriver
  3. *Long Wera Screwdriver
  4. Old bath towel (this will get greasy)
  5. Bright flashlight
  6. *Tweezers for removing thread from small areas
  7. *Magnetic tray to keep your small parts from getting lost
  8. Rubber Gloves (if hands are sensitive to kerosene or oils)
  9. Tablet and Writing Pen (to take notes)
  10. Apron (if you want to protect your clothing)
  11. *Sewing Machine Oil
  12. *The Featherweight Shop Lubricant
    (because it has the correct melting point)
  13. *Safety Screwdriver
  14. *Two (2) spools of quality cotton thread
    (Gutermann, Metler, Aurifil, Presencia, Superior, etc.)
  15. *Small Scissors

If you have questions prior to the Advanced Technician's Course, please call us at (208) 880-8887 or contact us here.

*Singer Featherweight parts, suppliesattachmentsaccessories, and tools (new & vintage original) are also available for purchase at the class.

Travel Information

Advanced Technician Classes will be held at:

The Featherweight Shop
119 Wild Plum Lane
Kooskia, ID 83539

If you require lodging, we have ensured that the Hearthstone Lodge in Kamiah, Idaho will have a room available to you the first and second night.  You may call and make your own reservations at the number below:

The Hearthstone Lodge
 MP 64, 3250 US-12be
Kamiah, Idaho 83536

Room Rates:  one King Room, $149 per night, breakfast included
(4 king rooms are available, rate is based on double occupancy)


Log Cabin Chalet with one (1) king bed and two (2) single beds
$159 per night, breakfast included**
(Two Log Cabin Chalets are available -- the king bed is in the loft with the two single beds in one separate room. **2 guests = $159 per night, 3 guests = $179 per night, 4 guests = $199 per night)

The Hearthstone Lodge has a limited number of rooms, so to reserve one you will need to mention the Featherweight Shop when calling.

If you will be flying in, the nearest airport is in Lewiston, Idaho.  They service Delta and Alaskan Airlines.   If you are flying on other airlines, you will probably need to fly into Spokane, Washington.

 Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop, Advanced

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