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Pinker / Pinking Blade (New)

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Pinker / Pinking Blade (New)

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Replica Pinking Blades - each one is tooled by hand with precision to retro-fit the vintage Singer Attachment & Singer Hand Crank Pinker.  All orders that contain a replica pinking blade may be delayed for craftsmanship time.

  • Straight Blade - Ideal for cutting strips, especially for wool when making punch needle rugs.
  • Mini-Wave - A doll collector's tool for replicating antique and vintage doll clothing.
  • Large-Wave - Larger than the regular Pinker blade, this adds a nice decorative border or edge for fabric and paper crafts.
  • Scallop - Different than the large wave in that the waves are all on one side and the reverse comes to a point at the top of each scallop.  Another lovely decorative border or edging for fabric or paper crafts.
  • Deckle - Especially useful for scrapbooking and replicating the vintage and antique photograph edges.

**Please refer to your Singer Pinker manual for proper removal and installation of the Replacement Blades.  If you do not have an instruction manual, you may download one by clicking on the link above.


Tip: Do not use your Singer Screwdrivers.  Use a wider, flat head screwdriver to make any adjustments or to switch the blades. This will protect your attachment and prevent your little Singer screwdrivers from bending out of shape.

All cutting wheels (aka: blades or disks) have been double-checked for rust, nicks and ability to cut properly.  As always, we guarantee the products we sell.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.