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Sew Steady BLACK CLASSIC Singer Featherweight Table Extension Only

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Sew Steady BLACK CLASSIC Singer Featherweight Table Extension Only

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PRICE INCLUDES ALL SHIPPING*!  Due to custom sizing, table deliveries can take up to 3-4 weeks.


*Tables and table accessories are not available outside the USA.  Any International orders that inadvertantly order a table and/or table accessories package will be promptly refunded. Each table is custom cut for a precise fit for your Featherweight and will be shipped separately and directly to you from the manufacturer via UPS.  Be sure to provide a physical address for shipping.  Due to custom sizing, table deliveries can take up to 3-4 weeks.

Well, we've all been waiting and waiting for this day to come and it finally has... The day when the superior quality Sew Steady Table brand would produce a beautiful classic solid black table to match our beloved Singer Featherweights!  We especially like the scrolled bud decal they added as a delicate touch, reminiscent of the classic Singer Featherweight decals!  The table finish is so shiny, you can see the beautiful reflection of the "Grandmother's Flower Garden" quilt on the wall.

Superior quality acrylic, 17" x 22 1/2"  BLACK CLASSIC Sew Steady Table extends the sewing surface area of your Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine.  Table is perfectly sized!  (Scroll down to view all that is included with the Sew Steady Table Complete Package.) Having a larger surface area helps keep the quilt you are piecing or the project you are sewing more level with the needle so that it doesn't pull or bunch up unnecessarily - an ideal extension to your Featherweight sewing machine bed. 

True to the quality of Sew Steady, the front edge is smooth and rounded for your comfort and has a permanent ruler along the front, featuring both metric and inches. 

When choosing your table, be sure to select the Featherweight model that your machine was when original from the factory.  (The reason we say "original" is because many quilters today have newly painted Featherweight machines in all sorts of colors.  So take please take into account whether it was originally black, white or tan when ordering your table.  This will help Sew Steady know the appropriate measurements when custom cutting your table.)


  1. FW 221 = fits original black Featherweight
  2. FW 222 = fits original black with FULL BED* in place
    *Table is NOT available as a cutout for the free-arm, only the full bed in position on the 222.

  1. Polish Kit (included with Table):  Designed specifically for Sew Steady Portable Tables & Inserts. The Polish creates an ultra slick surface which is great for heavy fabrics and free motion quilting on Sew Steady Tables or Cabinet Inserts. The kit includes: tub of polish paste, applicator sponge and cotton pouch/polish mitt.

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