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Fabric, Vintage Feedsack Inspired 30's Collection SCRAPPY HAPPY - 5-inch CHARM PACK

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Fabric, Vintage Feedsack Inspired 30's Collection SCRAPPY HAPPY - 5-inch CHARM PACK

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5 - INCH "Scrappy Happy" CHARM PACK

No two charm packs are alike.  All fabrics are hand-selected, precut to size, curated & custom-bundled.  42-piece assortment of vintage-inspired florals and novelty prints.

Vintage-inspired 1930's Collection -- these Japanese prints are some of April's favorites!  The style and coordinating prints make each one unique, yet the prints all go together no matter the colors or novelty motifs (see other photos for color and style examples).  Bright, cheerful and inspired from 1930's style feedsacks and prints, making them quite collectible - unlike anything else you'll find!  They are perfect prints for a scrappy quilt, apron, vintage-styled dress or blouse, handbags, and more.  Procuring these prints takes a lot of time and is fairly labor intensive being imported from Japan, but be on the lookout throughout the year as we seek to add more and more.

Ordering is per bundle.  So, if you select a quantity of 1 above, and add to cart, it will be adding 1 fat quarter bundle of the fabric collection shown... a quantity of 2 will be two bundles, so on so forth.... 

Need yardage to coordinate?  Click here for the collection.

Fiber Content: 100% Cotton

Style:  Quilter's Cotton, 5-inch "Scrappy Happy" Charm Pack.  Click here to see the entire collection we used to select approximately 18-21 different prints for each charm pack.

Designers: Atsuko Matsuyama, Sobakasu Kids & Suzuko Koseki for Yuwa

Collection: 30's Collection, Vintage Retro Inspired, Florals, Novelty