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Tune-Up Kit for the WHITE Featherweight

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Tune-Up Kit for the WHITE Featherweight

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Tune-Up Kit for the Featherweight 221K White Sewing Machine - $62.00 value!

*PLEASE select from the drop-down menus above whether you need a 110 volt light bulb or 220 volt bulb.  (Most all North American electricity is 110-120 volt, and Australian, European or UK electricity is 220-250 volt.)

This is the complete set to get your White Featherweight properly suited and working smoothly again.

We’ve seen many of these Service Manuals offered but most are just copies of copies with poor quality printing.  The one you will receive is a high quality facsimile directly reproduced from an original - which we obtained from an old Singer Sewing Machine Technician, 50 years in the business. As you can see from the photographs, this is just a simple paper replica for your personal reference and to learn how to service your Singer Featherweight.  Go beyond just the oiling and learn the mechanics, electrical, wiring, gears, tuning, timing and so much more!  We offer these to our Singer Featherweight Care classes because the information is invaluable! The Service Manual expands further with electrical explanation and includes the expanded view of all parts that comprise a Singer Featherweight 221.  Printed on 8 1/2" x 11" paper for  easy viewing. 

Service Manual is suitable for the Singer Model 221, 221-1, 221K, 221J ~ the SINGER FEATHERWEIGHT!  However, because the 222 Model Featherweight is so closely related, the information can be used for service and maintenance as well.

*The White Featherweight Tune-Up Kit will have the following:

   1. A SINGER Service Manual - Replica
   2. LED Light Bulb (bright white)
   3. Red Spool Felt
   4. Spool Pin Spring
   5. Oil Bottle Full of Oil
   6. Bobbin Tension Meter
   7. Lint Cleaning Brush
Bed Bumper (silicone piece for face)
 9. Belt - High Quality Replacement WHITE Featherweight Superbelt


If your White Featherweight is one of the few that has lubrication ports (see photo below to compare), you will also need the proper motor lubricant (not included in this kit).