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Thread Stand, Featherweight 221 222

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Thread Stand, Featherweight 221 222

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Thread Stand & Guide designed for the Singer Featherweight 221 & 222 - use standard thread spools, large spools or even cones.

Perfect for modern, cross-wound thread spools or large cones for easier flow of thread!

The Thread Stand is designed to fit all models of the Singer Featherweight Machine (Singer Model 221 and 222K), and is very simple to install.  Just slip the Thread Stand base into the oil hole located on the top left side of the machine harp. When not in use the Thread Stand removes easily and can be stowed conveniently inside the Featherweight Sewing Machine case for storage and portability. 

Most Featherweights are pretty standard, but there are a few that have a slightly different size to the oiling hole that the Thread Stand fits down into.  If it fits snug, a simple nail file or 100-grit sand paper twisted around the small base of the stand (to file it down) will allow it to fit perfectly in the oiling hole.  If the oiling hole is a slightly larger hole than what most Featherweights have, then it might be necessary to apply a small amount of heat-shrink rubber tubing to the small post that goes in the hole to add more stability.  If you have any questions about this process, give us a call and we can explain these tips further.  (It's a very simple procedure.)

Designed with sewing and care of the machine in mind, there is a secondary thread guide (eyelet) on the Thread Stand base to ensure proper alignment with the Featherweight machine’s normal thread flow. There is also a nylon washer at the base to prevent damage to the machine’s painted surfaces.

When using larger cones - you simply adjust the placement of the Thread Stand to accommodate and allow for the thread to flow easily off of the cone from the table as shown in the photo above.

Manufactured in the USA of Stainless Steel and Aluminum materials.