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Attachments Set, Black Singer Tin Box (Vintage Original)

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A SINGER Attachments Set, featured in a wrinkle-finished black metal SINGER case - all original.  Attachments are Featherweight 221 and 222 compatible. This is one of the most coveted and desirable sets to own for Singer Featherweight Attachment Collections.  Scarce to find, especially complete and in such nice condition.

The attachments in this specialty Singer box fit and work perfectly on the Featherweight 221 and 222 - the Narrow Hemmer, Adjustable Hemmer, Ruffler, Binder, Quilter, Underbraider, Tucker, Seam Guide along with three bobbins, thumb screw, pack of needles, and two original Singer screwdrivers.  The perfect set to keep handy!

Each attachment is formally held in place by metal clips, making it easy to return each attachment and tool to its proper place when not in use.

Take note of the Underbraider attachment.  As you can see from this link, the Underbraider allows for that "certain something special" on a fashionable garment or craft project.  Would be fun to use it to embellish a quilt block or handbag. Paying close attention, you will see that the underbraider guides the braid through while the quilter foot (without the bar) feeds and sews on the backside of the fabric - making the braid appear as if it is "floating" on the front surface. I took extreme close-up photos so you could see that the thread is hardly even noticeable, so be sure to look at all the photographs.

Your purchase includes the following:

SINGER Metal Boxed Attachments Case

  1. Ruffler
  2. Tucker
  3. Binder
  4. Underbraider
  5. Narrow Hemmer
  6. Adjustable Hemmer
  7. Quilter
  8. Seam Guide & Thumb Screw
  9. Large & Small Screwdriver Set
  10. Original Singer pack of needles
  11. (3) Featherweight Bobbins
  12. Replica Leaflet with Attachment Placement