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Bobbins, Singer Featherweight Set of 3, (Vintage Original)

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Bobbins, Singer Featherweight Set of 3, (Vintage Original)

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Set of 3* Vintage Original Bobbins for the Singer Featherweight 221, 222 & 301 

These vintage bobbins are carefully hand selected from our vintage Featherweight bobbin collection and may vary in appearance from bobbin to bobbin. However, they are clean, rust-free and guaranteed to fit your Singer Featherweight 221, 222 & 301 machines.  We do not sell anything that we would not use for our own personal sewing and quilting. 

*A quantity of 1 will be counted as a "Set of 3" individual bobbins, so if you choose a quantity of 2, you will receive 6 bobbins, so on and so forth.


Also, just for clarity -- many of the bobbins found in "Singer" packages at your local sewing store indicate that they fit the Singer model 221, 222 & 301.  However, when those bobbins have been tested they reveal inconsistencies in manufacturing. (One customer even had her bobbin case jammed onto her machine because a new "Singer" bobbin did not fit properly.)  Click here to read more information about "Bad Bobbins".