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Feed Cover Plate, Vintage Singer

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Feed Cover Plate, Vintage Singer

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This is a very scarce vintage original Singer feed cover plate.  Designed specifically for clipping on and fitting over the Singer Featherweight 221 feed dogs. A teeny, tiny cover plate that snaps in place. 

For the embroidery samples, I used an original vintage Singer embroidery attachment, but a new embroidery attachment will work best for free-motion quilting.

With the right instruction, feed-dogs compromised and the appropriate embroidery/darning attachment, Machine Embroidery can range from the Practical (darning) to the Artistic (embroidery or quilting).

We have replicas of this plate available, too, and created a video for demonstration.  This original plate attaches identically.


You can start out simple - everything, as you know, takes practice. But, before you can start this new venture on your Featherweight, you will certainly need a Feed Dog Cover Plate.  An original is quite desirable for any collector of old Singer Attachments!

Red-Work, Blue-Work, Green-Work, or whatever-color-Work are going to have an entirely different meaning with the ability to do it on your machine. Or what about the old-fashioned friendship quilts? Take your finished quilt squares to a bridal shower and have all in the wedding party sign them in pencil. Then follow their signature with your Embroidery Attachment - a unique gift to present to the bride. Or even as a baby gift, you could use a vintage iron on transfer with the old-fashioned prints and patterns from yesteryear and embroider a Nursery-Rhyme Quilt. My mother has one (which I hope to inherit someday) and it is one of her most-treasured possessions.

With a little practice, you'll be able to follow a signature in no time at all. I watched a good friend of mine do it after just a couple samples of her own name. She finished an entire baby quilt with signatures from a baby shower.