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Shirring Gathering Foot, Singer (Vintage)

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Shirring Gathering Foot, Singer (Vintage)

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Material placed under this vintage Singer Gatherer or Shirrer Attachment and stitched in the usual way will only be slightly gathered.  The length of stitch on the machine regulates the fullness of the gathers.  A longer stitch will increase the fullness, while a shorter stitch will decrease it.  

It is possible to shirr in narrow rows and the material may be guided easily as when sewing with the presser foot.  Fine materials, such as batiste, silk or net, may be very attractively shirred.  

A very pleasing effect may be gained by using heavy duty thread or embroidery silk in contrasting color on the bobbin.  Using a heavy duty colored thread on top with elastic thread in the bobbin (loosely wound by hand) will not only provide ease and stretch, but produce a smocking-like finish after being steamed with an iron.

Click here for our blog post and photo tutorial for how to use the Singer Shirring Foot Attachment.


LOW SHANK:  fits the Singer Featherweight 221, 222K and all low, vertical shank Sewing Machines (i.e. 15, 27, 28, 66, 99, 185, 127, 128, 192, 201, 206, 237, 306, 319, 320, 328, as well as many other brands besides Singer)


SLANT SHANK:  fits all SLANT shank Singer Sewing Machines (i.e. 301, 301A, 401, 401A, 403, 500, 503, 600 & 700 Series and all other Slant Needle Singer Models)