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Motor Pulley, Singer Featherweight 221K 221K7, 221J (New)

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Motor Pulley, Singer Featherweight 221K 221K7, 221J (New)

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Fashioned after the original bakelite motor pulley, only this plastic replica will not crack or break.  Shaped correctly, it is perfectly suited for some of those Featherweight motors that originally had this style.  Among those would have been the White Singer Featherweight 221K, the 222K free-arm Featherweight (if it still has the original 220 volt motor), some black Featherweight 221K models and even the tan Featherweight has this style motor pulley.  (Although the tan Featherweight motor pulley was originally tan in color.  If your tan motor pulley is cracked, however, a black one is still better than a broken one).

*Motor Pulley Screw is not included.

Here is the video tutorial for how to properly install and adjust the belt on your Featherweight machine.