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Magnet Set, Cozy Christmas by Lori Holt

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Magnet Set, Cozy Christmas by Lori Holt

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$ 13.95


Who doesn't like Lori Holt?  Her prints are so cute and charming of yesteryear, it seems only fitting to add some little magnets to your fridge, filing cabinet, magnetic white board or old-fashioned cookie sheet nailed to your vintage decorated wall.  Our family switches out all the refrigerator magnets for our vintage cookie baking and Christmas magnets... there truly is something about having all those happy colors on display!  

This set is for Cozy Christmas and just in time for the Holidays!  Each magnet measures 1 1/4" across.

Purchased by itself they are $13.95 for each set with free shipping, but as a continued promotion, we are offering them for $10.00 for each set with free shipping and no limit -- making it the perfect "add-on" for Christmas gift giving and stocking stuffers!