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Quilter's Pressing Fleece, 100% Wool -- 18" x 24" Custom Size LARGE (Shipped Separately)

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Quilter's Pressing Fleece, 100% Wool -- 18" x 24" Custom Size LARGE (Shipped Separately)

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Quilter's Pressing Fleece
Large Custom 18" x 24" size
All LARGE Custom 18" x 24" Quilter's Pressing Fleeces are custom cut and shipped separately from other items on your order.

(Click here to download Quilter's Pressing Fleece leaflet.)

If you have a special or specific size request, larger or smaller, please contact us.  We can make arrangements for nearly any size suitable for your sewing or pressing space.

(For a standard 12" x 18" size Quilter's Pressing Fleece, please click here.)

Quilter's Pressing Fleece Video Tutorial

Pure and natural, 100% wool - direct from the sheep, fleeced and tightly felted to make the Quilter's Pressing Fleece the perfect ironing surface for all your quilt block and small fabric pressing needs.  Steam or other sprays are unnecessary because wool actually absorbs moisture from the air as heat is applied.  This creates an additional heat source underneath your fabric, giving you crisp precision as you iron.

The Quilter’s Pressing Fleece is designed to keep near your sewing area for all those quick little presses while you sew... which is perfect right beside your Singer Featherweight!  Having it handy and at your side means less time getting up and down and more time sewing!  (Although, we do recommend taking a few sewing breaks from time to time!)


1.)  Always have your iron setting to “wool” or medium heat for best results.  The fleece is 1/2” thick and absorbs heat extremely well, yet it remains cool to the touch, even on the underside!

2.)  Because of how wool absorbs moisture from the air, always use your Quilter’s Pressing Fleece on a water resistant surface (not wood).

3.) Your Quilter’s Pressing Fleece is wool, as you know, so be sure to keep stored in a well lit room or airtight container and make lavender or cedar sachets if you think your area is prone to moths or pesky critters.

Carrying Bag is not included for larger size Quilter's Pressing Fleece.  Pressing pre-folded fabrics like fat quarters may still need a starch spray like "Best Press" or something similar to iron out the factory folds.