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Workshop Booklet, Routine Maintenance Guide (Digital Only)

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Workshop Booklet, Routine Maintenance Guide (Digital Only)

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After Carmon's years of teaching classes, and many, many requests from customers and workshop pupils, Carmon has worked with a friend and fellow Featherweight enthusiast, Brad Sawatwipachai to create this guide as another resource for their Singer Featherweight Workshops.  Brad, now a full-time resident in Thailand, taught Featherweight Maintenance courses when he lived in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  After several discussions, he and Carmon agreed that there was definitely a need for an at-home guide after class.  Moreover, this 14-page booklet can be a teaching alternative for those who are unable to attend a class in their geographic location.  Whether performing regular service to your Featherweight or bringing a new-to-you Featherweight back to life, it will walk you through the step-by-step process for a basic routine maintenance course.  Expanded illustrations make it easy to follow along - kind of like having someone hold your hand every step of the way. Troubleshooting hints and extra pages for making notes are included as well.

These are the topics:  

  1. Handwheel, Belt, Motor & Plug Terminal
  2. Top & Front of the Machine
  3. Face Plate & Bobbin Assembly
  4. Underneath the Machine
  5. Oiling & Lubricating
  6. Foot Controller
  7. Adjusting the Machine
  8. Tension / Sewing Test
  9. Cleaning & Polishing
  10. Regular Maintenance
  11. Troubleshooting Hints
  12. Wiring Diagram / References


At this time, we are offering this as a Digital Download only.  The advantage of having this as a digital product is that you will have direct access to further links and tutorials.  You can print this on your home printer or use directly from your laptop or IPAD while servicing your machine.

As with most digital media, permission is granted for individual use only.  If you are a Featherweight Class instructor and would like to use this for teaching classes in your area, we ask that you contact us first to discuss terms of wholesale purchase and printing distribution.



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