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More Valentine Goodness
by April Henry

Finished SweetPea's Valentine Holder and her teacher's Valentine Holder (notice the 'To My Teacher' Valentine on the front). Peltex has been resurrected to become part of the land of the living since learning my new trick. Seriously - check out the seams and how non-bulky they are. I could have hugged Liesl at 2:00am this morning from my Peltex delight.

Not one speck of bulk - NOT ONE!
Anyway, kids are off today and they are so happy. SweetPea specifically picked out the "Big Red Rose" fabric. While I was actually hoping she'd lean more towards the vintage Valentine print for hers, I can't blame her for choosing one of my all time favorite fabrics (all on her own, mind you).

Cowboy picked out Lego fabric for his but it could not be heart-shaped. It had to be plain and rectangular, with "no hearty fabric Valentine's inside either". I will photograph his when he brings it back from school as he took it the other day to show his teacher.

I even managed to finish the little fabric Valentine's just as a fun decorative touch.