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“This certifies, that we warrant the natural wear of  SINGER SEWING MACHINE, No.____, sold by this Company, for family use, for the term of ONE YEAR; excepting only the wear and breakage of attachments, needles, shuttles, and bobbins....”

"The Singer Featherweight Shop" Warranty


You are paying a fair market price for your machine and for that, you have every right to expect a fair deal. We personally guarantee that should you not be satisfied with the machine you buy, we will refund the full purchase price.

All machines are thoroughly serviced, adjusted and given the all-important electrical safety check and then sew-tested before leaving our workshop.  Each Featherweight is guaranteed for the period of two years, excepting only the wear and breakage of attachments, needles, bobbins, etc.

All machines pictured are the actual models offered for sale (i.e. What you see is what you get) unless otherwise noted.

The prices quoted include shipping and special comprehensive insurance.  In the unlikely event of a package being lost (hasn't happened yet), we will assume full responsibility and you get paid out at once.  We will deal with the insurance company, and not toss the responsibility on you as seems standard with most shipping arrangements.

If you have any questions whatsoever about your machine, how to use, or general questions about our warranty, don't hesitate to e-mail or call us anytime.

Vintage Attachments:

We provide assurance that all vintage attachments and accessories are rust-free, working properly and ready to use - if otherwise, it will be clearly stated.  Each vintage attachment is cleaned, serviced, oiled, and tested for reliability.  In all appearances, these vintage collectibles and sewing instruments can look perfect, but it is of most importance that you have one that works perfectly, too. You will have the immediate gratification of purchasing, receiving and using your new-to-you vintage sewing collectible right away.

New Parts, Attachments & Accessories:

All of our new and replica parts, attachments, accessories, and quilting items are guaranteed.  Please let us know within a reasonable amount of time and we can make arrangements for a return, exchange and/or refund.