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| Posted by Carmon Henry

Singer Featherweight FAQs

A collection of frequently asked questions surrounding the Singer Featherweight... from "Is my machine a Featherweight?" to "What is my Featherweight worth?" to "I just got a Featherweight, now what do I do?"... and MORE!  This set of questions will be a great place to begin if you are wanting to briefly familiarize yourself with some common inquiries.

| Posted by Carmon Henry

The Importance of a Thread Stand on a Singer Featherweight

Learn about the various types of thread spools and why a Thread Stand is important for proper tension on a Singer Featherweight!   In the original days of the Featherweight, the only thread spools available were the wooden "stacked" spools, designed to spin as the thread was gently pulled straight in the direction of the first thread guide on the machine.   Today's new, modern cross-wound thread spools, however, are specifically designed to have the thread "lift" off to eliminate extra tension as the thread is directed toward the needle. Having these heavier-weighted cross-wound spools (while great for the quilt project)...

| Posted by April Henry

Wobbly Rubber Bed Cushion Feet

What do your bed cushions look like on the bottom of your Singer Featherweight 221 or 222K?  Are they hard and brittle or are they pressed flat and full of lint and hair?  Either one is an easy fix and will help your machine maintain stability on the table as well as properly absorbing vibrations whilst sewing. This evening Carmon was working on a Featherweight…. when all of the sudden it was raining dried rubber all over the office. At first, I thought it was dried mud flying everywhere. What he was actually doing was digging out the old, rotten,...