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Pattern, Featherweight Case Tote, Bed Sleeve and Mat Set (digital download)
Pattern, Featherweight Case Tote, Bed Sleeve and Mat Set (digital download)
Pattern, Featherweight Case Tote, Bed Sleeve and Mat Set (digital download)
Pattern, Featherweight Case Tote, Bed Sleeve and Mat Set (digital download)
Pattern, Featherweight Case Tote, Bed Sleeve and Mat Set (digital download)
Pattern, Featherweight Case Tote, Bed Sleeve and Mat Set (digital download)

Pattern, Featherweight Case Tote, Bed Sleeve and Mat Set (digital download)

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PLEASE FOLLOW DOWNLOADINGINSTRUCTIONS BELOW A sewing friend from the Netherlands, Ingrid, has...

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A sewing friend from the Netherlands, Ingrid, has designed this digital download** pattern for the Singer Featherweight Case Tote.  Isn't it brilliant?!  We are very excited to now make this pattern available after many months of sampling and editing.  We are all in awe how fluent Ingrid is in both Dutch and English that she could create this pattern in both languages.  (You are amazing, Ingrid!).  

SEWING SKILL LEVEL:  Advanced for Case Tote, and Moderate skillset required for Mat and Bed Sleeve


  1. *1 ¼ yard outer fabric
    (sturdy quilting weight cotton or a lightweight denim)
  2. *1 ¼ yard lining fabric for the inside of the tote
    (I used a solid Kona.)
  3. ½ yard accent fabric
    (binding for lid / sleeve / mat - if you want to use "ready-made" bias tape then you will need approximately 4-5 yards.)
  4. 1 ¼ yard 44” wide batting, poly or cotton, but not too thick
  5. 1 ¼ yard 44” wide sew-in interfacing
    (will be used as bottom layer during quilting)
  6. 3 yards of 1” wide webbing
    (for the handles) because the handles carry the case-tote it is necessary to have handles in one piece and use webbing

*If you have directional fabric or fabric with a nap, please make the necessary yardage adjustments so that your fabric will face the right way once the tote is assembled.

Scroll down to read how to download the pattern after ordering and for further information.

Ingrid sewing on her Singer Featherweight 222K

This is an ideal design for cases that are still pristine and beautiful as well as for those cases that are unsightly.  The sturdy straps provide extra security in carrying your case rather than putting unnecessary strain on those vintage handles.  If your Singer Featherweight case shows signs of age, has a missing handle (that cannot be replaced), has broken latches, rips in the fabric, or is beyond restoration, then this digital pattern is going help you create the ideal coverup and a beautiful one at that. Finished tote measurements are 14" x 9" x 11" and should accommodate most all Featherweight cases.

Another sweet friend from New Jersey, Stephanie Falkenstein, tested, sewed, quilted and completed this set in our photos above.  You, too, can be creative as she was with fabric coordination and the actual quilitng.  Notice how she quilted the little flowers?  I love it!  Her sewing is always so impeccable.  (Thanks for all your hard work on this project, Stephanie!)

Pattern also includes instructions for a matching table mat and bed sleeve to protect your machine's bed.  Start sewing your case tote today!

** Please be sure to scroll down for our Digital Download Policy Details.

Please note: Actual tote, mat & sleeve as well as the case, machine, attachments, etc. are not included.  They are shown for display purposes only.  Only the digital pattern is for sale so that you can instantly download and create your own case tote, mat and sleeve.

The Featherweight Shoppe has exclusive selling rights for US purchases.  If you would like to order this pattern in Dutch, then please contact us and we can put you in touch with Ingrid directly. 

As with most digital media, permission is granted for individual use only.  If you would like to use this for teaching classes in your area, we ask that you contact us first to discuss terms of wholesale purchase and printing distribution.




When you complete your order, you will receive an email that says "Your downloads are ready".  In this email you will have a unique URL link to click on which will lead you back to our website and the following screen:


Click on the words "Download Now" so that a little window pops up for you to select whether you want to open it as a PDF or save it to your computer.  Be patient with your first attempt - the file is large, so it may take a few moments to load the PDF depending on your ISP connection speed.

Once the window pops up you can select either option of whether to "Open" or "Save".  If saving it, just be sure to make a note of where you are saving it on your computer so you can retrieve it later.

If you click on your download link and a web browser appears but only presents you with a white screen or downloading doesn't appear to take place, most likely there is an incompatibility between the web browser you are using, your system software, and the way our website serves files. First try switching to a different web browser. (For example, if you are using Internet Explorer, try starting the download with Firefox instead.  We have found that Firefox works very well!)

However, if switching browsers does not work for you, try downloading it from your laptop or desktop computer rather than an iPad or mobile device.  This usually solves the issue as the iPad tends to hide downloaded files in odd places and requires a reader app to open it (Adobe Reader App or Kindle App are free)

If all else fails, you can forward your email link to a friend or local copy center business to have them download and print it for you.

Digital Policy Details

This digital product policy is designed to help you understand our commitment to you but also remind you of your responsibilities when you purchase digital products from The Featherweight Shop.  If you have a registered account with our website, then your order history is provided once you login to your account.  You can then download any digital product or pattern purchases at any time in the future using your order history.  Due to the nature of digital products, saving to computers, etc., refunds cannot be issued.  If you would like a hard copy of this pattern, then please feel free to forward the digital file that is emailed to you to a family member, friend or your local copy center for printing. 

If you do not have a registered account, then please know that it is your responsibility to promptly download and save the file you purchased to your computer. Once you have downloaded and saved your item, safeguarding it is up to you. Be sure to back up your files, because it is not a matter of "if", but "when" your files will be lost. Carbonite, Backblaze or other backup file system is highly recommended. You set it up and never have to worry again.  However, if you ever need to recover your lost files, these backup programs are a life saver!


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