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All Machine sales are temporarily on hold for the summer due to our extensive US Featherweight Maintenance Workshop Tour around the country.  We will be back this fall with many more machines ready and available. To view the quality of the inventory we carry, click here to view some of our sold 221 machines. and then click here to view some of our sold 222 machines.


If you've never purchased a machine from The Singer Featherweight Shop before, it is a rather distinguished experience.  Each machine receives hours upon hours of cleaning, polishing, certified sewing machine service, stitch sampling and overall Featherweight preparation for each and every customer.  Our grading system is very, very particular so that you can be assured that the grade it is given is the graded machine you will receive.  As soon as your Featherweight arrives to you in the mail, you will also notice how fastidious we are in the packaging care and wrapping - making your Singer Featherweight purchase extra special and something you will always remember.  Our guarantee enclosure is another tangible reminder that we are here to assist you with any Featherweight questions, long after the sale.

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Gift Card

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