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Case Clasp with Screws & Nuts, Singer (Vintage Original)

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Case Clasp with Screws & Nuts, Singer (Vintage Original)

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Vintage Original Featherweight Case Clasp (as indicated by the red arrows) for the Singer 221 & 222K.

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Drill out the rivets that are still on your case and replace with this original vintage part using  the new mini screws and nuts included.  (Because removing the original brads compromises the integrity of the original wood, we do not recommend replacing with brads again.)  The nuts on the backside of the screws will suck into the wood but whatever is left of the screw beyond the nut will need cut off (hack saw, dremel, etc.).  Sometimes you can peel back the fabric that is on the interior of the case and reglue it, otherwise you can glue a piece of black fabric back over the nuts to protect the machine.

** Bottom Latch Not Included (please click here for the bottom latch portion)