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Quilter's Pressing Fleece, -- 9" x 12" - SMALL 100% WOOL - FINAL SALE CLEARANCE!

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Quilter's Pressing Fleece, -- 9" x 12" - SMALL 100% WOOL - FINAL SALE CLEARANCE!

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Quilter's Pressing Fleece
9" x 12" Standard Size for 50% OFF!

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Pure and natural, 100% wool - direct from the sheep, fleeced and tightly felted to make the Quilter's Pressing Fleece the perfect ironing surface for all your quilt block and small fabric pressing needs.  Steam or other sprays are unnecessary because wool actually absorbs moisture from the air as heat is applied.  This creates an additional heat source underneath your fabric, giving you crisp precision as you iron.  This is by far the best ironing surface I have ever used - it is truly that fabulous!  One of those investments and tools you won't want to be without whenever you sit down to sew.

The Quilter’s Pressing Fleece is designed to keep near your sewing area for all those quick little presses... which is perfect right beside your Singer Featherweight!  Having it handy and at your side means less time getting up and down and more time sewing!  (Although, we do recommend taking a few sewing breaks from time to time!)

Handy carrying bag (included) makes it easy to bring your Quilter’s Pressing Fleece to quilt retreats, or even pack a cutting mat and ruler along with it!


1.)  Always have your iron setting to “wool” or medium heat for best results.  The fleece is 1/2” thick and absorbs heat extremely well... so well, in fact, that it remains cool to the touch even on the underside!

Quilter's Pressing Fleece

2.)  Because of how wool absorbs moisture from the air, always use your Quilter’s Pressing Fleece on a water resistant surface (not wood).

3.) Your Quilter’s Pressing Fleece is wool, as you know, so be sure to store it in a well lit room or airtight container and make lavender or cedar sachets if you think your area is prone to moths or pesky critters. 

4.) Because the Quilter's Pressing Fleece is 100% Natural, it also means that it has not been processed with any harsh chemicals at the factory so as to retain the best pressing properties of the wool.  As such, it does tend to retain a natural fragrance common with wool fibers.  This scent will be even more accentuated if you use steam or sprays.  (Carmon's felted wool hunting pants have this same scent every season when he comes in from the rain or when I take them out of the washer.) ;)

On the flipside, if chemicals are used to strip and clean the wool in manufacturing the fleece, then the key properties (which make pressing so much better) are not as effective.  It's kind of a trade-off, I suppose, to keeping everything natural and healthy while having the best pressing surface ever!  Even still, we understand some are more sensitive to the wool fragrance, but airing it out or even applying essential oils to the corners may help it dissipate somewhat with time.  Just think of it as the scent of "flatly pressed blocks!"


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