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Seam Cloth Guide, Singer (Vintage)

From $ 29.95

This is a genuine vintage Singer Attachment - the Cloth Guide or sometimes referred to as either the Seam or Hem Guide.  Seam Guide is available in chromium or blackside finish.  Be sure to select which seam guide finish you prefer from the drop-down menu before adding to cart. The...

Seam Guide, Featherweight Accurate

$ 11.95

The "Featherweight Accurate Seam Guide" - available in black or clear acrylic.  Select your color choice from the drop-down menu above, then click "Add to Cart".  Fits the Singer Featherweight 221, 222, as well as most all other vintage Singer models (i.e. 15, 66, 99, 127, 128, 185, 201, 301,...

How to Install & Use the Featherweight Accurate Seam Guide

This seam guide is designed so that you can easily and accurately piece your quilt blocks.  Whether you prefer a scant or a true quarter inch (1/4") seam (or even beyond), your seams will have consistent seam allowances throughout your quilt or sewing project.  Some people prefer a 1/4" foot...

Seam Finishes - Bound Seams

Press the bias raw edge towards the seam allowance raw edge, leaving a little gap between them. Bias Binding is a strip of material cut on the bias for extra stretch and often doubled. It is used for binding hems, interfacings or for edge decoration and is very useful for...

How to Sew Flat Felled Seams

This tutorial was featured on the Oliver + S blog. A flat-felled seam is accomplished by sewing two lines of stitching at the seam while simultaneously enclosing the raw edges of the fabric. This seam finish not only prevents unraveling or fraying, but makes the seam very strong. It also...

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Stitch-in-the-Ditch Foot

$ 18.95

Stitching in the ditch is great for beginning quilters. Ordinarily, when you stitch in the ditch you must keep the stitch as close to the middle of your seam as possible and your eye on the needle at all times. You do not want your stitches to wander in and...

Patchwork 1/4" Piecing Quilting Foot

$ 18.95

"True" Quarter-Inch Piecing foot - great for stitching over pins, along strips, gingham or plaid, or even stitching diagonal lines on small quilting projects. The measurement this foot provides is closer to a true 1/4". The difference between the Patchwork 1/4 inch foot versus the one with the little black...

Glass Head Pins, Blue Super Fine

SALE $ 8.95
Sale price$ 9.95

These glass head pins never snag delicate silks or cottons. They are sharp, smooth pins with a fine .4mm nickel-plated steel shaft and excellent resistance and strength. Each pin measures 1 3/8 inches in length and wonderful for pinning!  Glass heads won't melt when ironed over.  Each box contains 150...

Screw, Faceplate (Vintage Original)

$ 5.95

Vintage original thumb screw for the Singer Featherweight 221 & 222K faceplate.  A bit smaller in size than the standard presser foot thumb screw, but it has the same thread pattern so it can be used interchangeably for the presser foot or seam guide thumb screw if you choose.