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Christmas Dress with Vintage Pattern
by April Henry

(Flash Photography)


The long-awaited-stay-up-late-many-nights-so-it-will-be-done-in-time-for-Christmas DRESS!
Sewn entirely from a vintage pattern with only a few modifications (bloomers with elastic legs for more modesty).

Modeled photos tomorrow, I hope... I just couldn't wait to post photos of the finished product.

Now.... if only I could find the right color red sweater to match the right color red shoes which match exactly to the red bias edging. (It's a 'true' red - no blue, pink or brown undertones.)




Look! Even sweet little elastic for the tiny little legs.

Vintage Buttons!

And then for my birthday (not today), a friend gave me these lovely cherry pyjama pants... I lounged in them all day while I sewed. I must sew comfy cozy, and I just love "cherries". Love, love, love these pants!