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Article: Spring - Fall - Spring - Fall, Which is it?

Spring - Fall - Spring - Fall, Which is it?

The new Oliver + S patterns have arrived to the shoppe... that means I simply must sample them! Of course, we got a thin, little, long-bodied SweetPea so I had to alter the sizing a bit to accommodate her figure, but nonetheless, I am quite pleased.

The top is from the Oliver + S Sailboat Pattern and the pants are from the Sandbox Pants Pattern. Fabric is from an imported Cosmotex featuring Little Red Riding Hood. Rick Rack is from the 1920's and I used my Style-O-Matic Singer Attachment to apply it - although the application is done from the right side, the needle actually catches the rick rack on the bottom while simultaneously stitching it to the garment. This makes for a 'blind' trimming or a floating effect.

The month of March decided to come in like a lamb and go out like a lion this year, so it still feels like Fall around here! SweetPea will get plenty of wear in the pants for next season, too, because they tend to run a bit big. I made the size 5 all the way around, which I cuffed so she could appropriately wear them now.

She seriously loves to pose... more like, overpose, so I always have to keep it under wraps when she's modeling.

We're also working on the smile. Currently, we're getting the cheezzz-smile, so I'm trying to teach her that if she laughs her real smile will come out. This made her giggle with her wrinkled nose.

You can't see it, but each pocket is internally lined with the little-red-riding-hood fabric.

She wanted to make a funny face, but it actually reminded me of a Shirley Temple face with those curls. I couldn't resist.


Tucking the shirt in reveals the waistband coordinate. Otherwise, the pants can be worn without being limited to colors and prints.

Yes, it's totally bugging me that I wasn't paying attention to the direction of the print when applying the waistband... oh well.

Vintage buttons coordinate with the buttons on the pants. I just love vintage buttons. I followed the stitching line from the facing to apply the rick rack.