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My Little Snow White
by April Henry

Let's just say that my little SweetPea loves to dress-up. Pretending has got to be one of her talents. The conversations she makes between her little dolls and bears and toys are just so darn cute.

Snow White has always been her favorite Disney Princess, and I don't really understand why because she hasn't seen the movie yet. At Disneyland, Snow White was the one she really wanted to see... and the Snow White ride - she would put her head down during the scary scenes (the entire ride), but sit up for all the 'happy parts' (only the beginning and the end).

She's had the cheapy dress-up Snow White likenesses from discount stores that resemble the character, but I sought to find a 'real' costume after our visit to Disneyland this summer. Well, I did... it was the Simplicity 5832 Disney Princess Pattern (out of print). First, I will tell you that there is a design flaw in the pattern itself and I didn't realize it until after the garment was made and had to make alterations... but the front piece and front lining as well as the piping piece, should have definitely had about 2 inches added to the slope of the front neckline - otherwise, it might scoop down to the navel.... Needless to say, I wasn't too happy with Simplicity about it. But, thankfully, I was able to alter the dress after it was sewn so that it would fit correctly. And, yes - I really did take the measurements prior to sewing and made the right size accordingly. Oh, well... all is well that ends well, right?

So.... back to my talented pretending child. I took her outside to take photos yesterday and she pretended she was 'in the woods like Snow White'... then she began to hold her dress and pose like Snow White.... then she told me.... "Mommy, take my picture while I hold my mouth open so it looks like I'm singing like Snow White."