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Vintage Singer Paper Doll Cutter

Posted by April Henry on
It was about a year ago that a friend alerted me to this super neat new contemporary pattern company that marketed with paper dolls. I was head-over-heels from the first click. That coincidental link led to all sorts of Oliver + S pattern sewing and will probably be a forever bond. Some have often wondered if I get paid to advertise for Oliver + S... not a dime, it's just a pattern company that I really like and enjoy sewing with.

Coincidentally, another friend alerted me to a unique vintage Singer collectible commonly used back in the day for cutting out Paper Dolls. This is what happened when the two genres met.

A Vintage Singer Paper Doll Cutter with Contemporary Paper Dolls

This was the first little machine I had which a friend snapped up before I could say "Vintage Singer Paper Doll Cutter For Sale".

Alas, I found another one!

From about the 1950's to 1960's this little plastic hand-crank can come alive for pretend play again!  It reminds me of the Singer 500 Rocketeer Slant-O-Matic Sewing Machine - an amazing vintage machine that will sew about anything (still quite desirable and sought after today, actually)

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