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Heather Ross Box - PRICELESS
by April Henry

I honestly don't know how I managed in time to get in on the Heather Ross Misc. Fabric Sale from her personal stash. What she thought would take over a week, took like two hours and her personal stash offerings were all claimed and gone. In fact, it's so gone that the offering isn't even on her blog any more for me to reference. (Which had such a cute HR illustration, too!)
Anyway, the deal was that you had to write something about yourself, make a request list as to what you would like to have in your mailing and then send her the moula in $25 increments (with a set limit). Heather would then stuff your package with stuff found in her personal old Miscellaneous boxes with collections of her designs on fabric, clothing, notions, and whatever else she fancied to put in your package - which might even include a crocheted lobster.
My request was Christmas and Kitties, and Kitties and Christmas. While I would have been completely grateful for whatever she provided to me because any Heather Ross fabric sent directly from Heather Ross from her own personal collection would be amazing - I was beyond ecstatic to have opened my package yesterday to find the following (I nearly cried):

Kitties, people, one yard of Heather Ross Kitties! I want to scoop up these little kitties and love all over them! Her illustrations truly capture their sweetness, don't you think? (non cat lovers need not comment)

... and Christmas! Two fat quarter-ish size pieces of Christmas Flannel. I don't know the design name exactly, but oh how I love them. I used to go ice skating with my mom when I was a little girl and this piece brought back memories for me.

Notice the sweetly pinked edge (click picture above to see it)? Well, when I was in Vermont I took Heather a little Singer token. I wanted to give her something that might actually be beneficial to her artistry, so I brought her a Singer Pinker! And, look, she used it to trim my fabric pieces - this tiny detail tickled me pink.

Did you know Heather had stationery? I didn't. And, this is CHRISTMAS Heather Ross Stationery!!! So, if you receive a HR Christmas card from me this year, you'll know where it came from.

Every Christmas I receive the Vermont Country Store catalog. It's an old-fashioned catalog with mostly black and white newspaper print sketches and illustrations for each item for sale. Candy, nick nack toys, clothing, and good old-fashioned goodies inspire me every Christmas season with new ideas for vintage Christmas decorating. I have always admired these little old Christmas candles... the kind you decorate with but never burn. I remember my mom having a choir boy and a couple of Christmas trees. (You had to have known, Heather, how I would enjoy these Vermont Country Store reproduction candles. I will remember you every Christmas I set them on display.)

I even received a little sampling of Farmer's Market and Ice Cream Trucks. I've seen these prints online but never in person. Such cheerful prints - I can't wait to sew with them.

Last, but not least, Heather included a personal note saying that she had granted one last request I had... Heather Ross "Christmas Tree Lot" Munki Munki pyjamas in my size had been ordered and will be in the mail soon. So, no matter what the retail value, after-market value or give-my-right-arm value of the fabrics above, if this were a Mastercard commercial, that last sweet gesture is PRICELESS!

Thank you, Heather, for your generosity and personal kindness. You have done a sweet thing - I will cherish my new treasures.