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Little Kitty or Lilly Cat
by Carmon Henry

This is our Lily Cat or Lily Kitty - whatever suits my fancy as I lovingly talk to her throughout the day. She is the sweetest little kitty ever. No, really - EVER. She loves to lay on her back legs completely outstretched so we will rub her belly. When she desires to be petted she'll come up to our leg, sit and then gently tap us with her paw.

She was my mama's kitty until we inherited her about a month ago. (My brother moved home, horrible allergies, yada, yada, yada, we now have Lily.)

Her favorite place to sit and perch is here, atop the old Singer Treadle Sewing Machine, and look out the window.



Lily is a purebred Persian and was found in a ditch when she was just a kitten. All mangled and matted, one could hardly tell that she would end up being so lovely, nor so sweet! Who knows how a purebred Persian ended up in a ditch, but we are very grateful she was found. We love our Lily.