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Article: Where in the world…?

Where in the world…?

While I am traveling and the suspense and excitement is building to see all these Singer Featherweight machines, the idea was suggested that we play a little game.  Therefore, we will play the “Where in the world is Carmon Henry?” game.

After all, traveling nearly 2000 miles round trip could take me lots of places.  I will keep updating this blog post with new pictures and clues.

First clue and first 250 miles down:


Second Clue – 5000 feet elevation, 51 degrees and this is all I see for miles:


I can’t type and drive so till the next stop, and next clue…..


Third Clue (and final stop for the night):

Lots of bright lights here… is this supposed to be a work of art of some kind?

And then there is this:

If you’re as particular about reading food ingredients as my wife, April, this might be a challenge to analyze that snack in less than 45 seconds.

Next directional clue – tomorrow morning.  Night all!


Good morning!   It’s now Friday morning at 10:45 am and April and I have just finished our Starbucks breakfast and coffee.

Fourth Clue:  It’s 42 degrees and we are at 7200 elevation with this scene out my window…

Strange thing we saw earlier today, and I am wondering what you can tell me about them.  We know they are not railroad tracks.

We are getting anxious…..looking forward to seeing all those Featherweights tonight!


Clue Number 5 (Friday about noon, 65 degrees):

I don’t know if this will be a real clue or not.  It would probably have to take some good sleuthing for those familiar with the area, but April insisted we take a short detour through IKEA.  I had never been there before.  It’s like a Swedish Costco.  Sure wish we had one in Idaho.  My work area would be much more organized (or so April tells me).