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Article: Featherweight Schoolhouse - New Update!

Featherweight Schoolhouse - New Update!


If you haven't noticed yet, we recently updated the website to feature an easy-to-navigate Featherweight Schoolhouse.  This will help you find information more easily as you learn all you can about our beloved little machines.  Here are a few screen captures to show you some of the recent changes... and give you a virtual tour.  Click the tabs and have a peek around -- you may find a page you haven't seen before!

Let us know what you think in the comments below - we love receiving feedback from you all!

The Schoolhouse link still remains at the top of the website on a desktop or laptop computer (or under the menu link if on an iPad or mobile phone).

Once on the Schoolhouse page, you can then click any of the categories either by the tabs or by the image category numbers.

The Historical Tab now has image categories and links for easier reference.

Be sure to scroll down the page to view them all!

The Maintenance Tab now has image categories as well, with all tutorials linked based on the information they contain.  Some tutorials might be in more than one category, but you'll want to click through them all as there are so many to choose from now!  This new navigation will make it easier for all future tutorials we will be adding, too -- so stay tuned!