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One-Yard Apron by Lori Holt
by Tammy Olson


July 4th is coming right up! And…did you know it’s only six months til Christmas! Sounds like a great time to whip up a few aprons for you and your helpers to wear while you make 4th of July picnic fixins and then again while you create that festive Christmas dinner in December!

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Products Used:
Ric Rac
Olfa Rotary Cutter
12" x 18" Reversible Cutting Mat
Mary Ellen's Best Press Spray
Quilter's Pressing Fleece
Glass Head Pins
Thread-O-Stat Thread Grabber

The first apron I chose to make was the "Gift of Sparkle". I laid out the fabric and the ric rac.

I like to cut the pieces all out before I begin and have everything ready to sew.

The side seams of the apron skirt needed to be finished. I folded mine over an extra step so I wouldn’t have any raw edges.

 I folded the bottom of the apron skirt up the same way to finish that edge.

Folding the apron in half then pressing lightly gave me a mark for the center of the apron. This allowed me to measure and place the pockets evenly on each side.

I finished the tops of the pockets and attached them to the pocket bottoms, then added the trim.

Placing the pockets on the skirt was pretty simple since I had a center mark. I sewed them on making sure to backstitch at the tops of the pockets for that extra wear and tear they would get.

I used Mary Ellen’s Best Press spray to make sure the center line was ironed out when I didn’t need the pocket “guide” anymore.

I sewed down both sides of the waistband to make finished edges, folded under the long sides, and pressed in half, right sides out.

Basting the raw edge of the top of the apron skirt gave me the threads I needed to pull and gather the skirt to fit in the waistband.


It was pinned and ready to sew! Carefully, I sewed the topstitching, making sure to slowly feed each gather under the presser foot so they all looked equal.

All that was left now was to finish the apron strings! 

Placing right sides together and pressing, I sewed to make two long strips. 
Then they were turned right side out and pressed flat.
One end was tucked in at a slant and topstitched to finish. 

The raw end of the apron string was then slid into one open side of the waistband, pinned, and sewed to finish. I backstitched these because I knew there would be lots of tugging and pulling. Now we are ready for our holiday celebrations!


Here’s a useful tip:

I used the Thread-O-Stat Featherweight Thread Grabber to assist in turning the strips inside out. What a fast and painless way to turn them! Feed it through, pinch a bit of fabric in the firm-gripping tips, then gently pull the fabric through.