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Restore Along Part 20
by The Featherweight Shop

Welcome back to the Restore Along of Tulip! Last week Julia prepped Jill, her Featherweight that was so kindly donated by a fellow Featherweight friend.

Read last week’s Restore Along installment here: Restore Along Part 19

This week, Julia gives Jill a good sanding in preparation for the first coat of primer. The sanding is a critical step that will help ensure the paint stays put and won’t flake as she layers on more coats.

Resourceful as always, Julia uses pieces from a Dremel contour sanding set she found years ago at a thrift store.

dremel sanding Singer Featherweight

Rather than use them with an electric sander, she covers them in sandpaper and uses them to hand sand all the many tight places on the machine, of which there are plenty. Q tips also prove to be as handy as ever.

Prepping small parts on Singer Featherweight

While hard at work sanding, Julia accidentally sands through the painter's tape, covering Jill’s badges. 

Sanding through painter's tape and Featherweight badge

Upon inspection, there is no damage to the black on her Singer badge, but Julia did knock the patina off the left edge and one rivet.

Patina comes off of badge

Julia cuts a piece of tissue box paperboard to cover the badges and secures it with more tape. This should add some extra protection, so it doesn’t happen again! 

Taped off Featherweight

A fair amount of elbow grease later, Jill is fully sanded expect for a few touch up spots.

Jill will also need to be cleaned up before Julia starts painting, but that will wait until the next installment of our Restore Along. See you next week!

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