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Restore Along Part 25: Sanding Jill & Cleaning Tulip
by The Featherweight Shop

Welcome back to the Restore Along of Tulip! If you are joining in, catch up on last week’s installment here:

Previous Post: Restore Along Part 24 ~ Tech Support to the Rescue!

Jill’s second coat of primer is dry, and Julia gives it a once-over with 1000-grit sandpaper, which she hopes is coarse enough to provide the next layer of paint a good surface to stick to. 

Featherweight Sanding

Jill is nice and smooth now, and Julia is pleased with the result of her primer painting practice. Julia removes the silicone plugs she used in the process and washes the gray primer off of them so it won’t flake onto the red paint later. 

Plastic plug on Featherweight

She is happy with the way the primer painted up next to them everywhere except on the needle bar bushing hold. The silicone plug isn't big enough and is sitting down a bit in the hold. Julia thinks she will wrap it with some painter's tape, so it sits higher.

For the red paint layers, Julia will need to be able to change out her paint quickly so she can spray the second color on the first color while the paint is still wet, so she orders a set of smaller paint canisters to make swapping paint on the fly easy. The canisters are due to arrive Monday. In the meantime, Julia turns her attention to Tulip for another round of cleaning.

Today’s project for Tulip is cleaning the outside of her motor, which is more than a little dirty! 

Cleaning Featherweight Motor

She finds and removes a thick thread wrapped around the motor shaft, then attacks the grime on the motor case with dish soap. She works sewing machine oil into the leftover patches of dried up oil and grease before wiping the whole motor down with sewing machine oil. What a difference!

Fixing Featherweight Motor

Cleaning motor

Cleaning Singer Featherweight Motor

Before and After Featherweight Motor

Next, Julia removes the belt pulley, which has rusted and cleans it with her baking soda and water solution before putting it in the sonic cleaner along with the set screw and the motor mount screw and washer. She adds a bit of diluted Evapo-rust to the wash for good measure. 

Singer Featherweight Parts

The pulley comes out much cleaner but is still a little rusty. Julia coats the parts with sewing machine oil for protection before bagging them up.

Julia has never opened a Featherweight motor before, so she will ask Tech Support for help with cleaning the inside later. For today, the outside of the motor is looking much more presentable!

Join us next time as our Restore Along with Julia continues!