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Restore Along Part 27
by The Featherweight Shop

Welcome back to the Restore Along with Julia and Tulip. After months of hard work, today is the day Julia will practice applying the layers of Soul Red Metallic paint to Jill, the machine she has been gifted as a way to practice her technique. If you’ve missed any, you can catch up on previous installments below.

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Jill has already been primed, and now Julia dives right in, excited to see the first coat of red on her practice Featherweight. 

The first coat goes on fast. A little too fast!

Julia's sprayer is shooting far too much paint. After all the excellent advice from friends and professionals, Julia knows how important it is to spray in even, thin layers. This is why she is practicing! Although the first coat went on way too thick, Julia prepares for the next coat of paint, including some much-needed adjustments to the paint sprayer to get the correct amount of paint.

The next coat is a different paint than the first, so Julia swaps out the metallic paint for the more translucent, bright red paint.

This process of swapping out the paint in between coats works well, so Julia waits a little bit before applying the second coat. As she begins to spray, it seems that the paint is still going on too thick. Now that she has started, she finishes the coat to get a better handle on the nuances of her paint sprayer. Next time, however, she will find something to test the spray on first, confirming the correct spray adjustment.

At this point in the process, the paint job is still reversible. Julia and Tech Support skip the final clear coat, and Tech Support sprays Jill down with acetone while the paint is still wet to get the stripping started. 

Julia uses paint stripper and a little rubbing alcohol to take off the red and the primer, getting Jill back down to the Japan finish. This enables Julia to begin the priming process on Jill all over again!

Even with the amount of paint used for the practice coats today, there is still plenty of both red paints left for another round of practice. Or maybe Julia will go with Blue for the next found of practice with Jill. Julia loves having options!

That’s one round of practice down. Join us next time as we follow Julia’s journey!

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