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Article: SHOP TALK: Coffee Cup Cozy Pattern

SHOP TALK: Coffee Cup Cozy Pattern


Welcome back to Shop Talk here at The Featherweight Shop! We love our local chit chat with staff, gathering around the dinette table so-to-speak (because that is what we have!) and sharing with one another. In these segments, we exchange patterns, recipes, organizational ideas, history quips, gardening tips, crafty projects, and smiles about learning an old-fashioned way of doing things. Shop Talk is the fun tidbits of news!



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Coffee is like a lifeline here at The Featherweight Shop. We start each day with a steaming cup of golden brown delicious joe, a much appreciated morning ritual! Throughout the day, we gather around the coffee maker, refilling our cups and mugs, catching up on the "goings-on" from around the shop. Coffee is so much more than just a beverage, and it is our customary way of staying in touch with one another. Even when we do not see our dearest friends and co-workers daily (like we are so used to doing!)

This brings us to the Coffee Cozy Pattern! These darling coffee jackets are perfect for keeping that cup of coffee warm. This charming free pattern is easy to make, and can be reused many times over! A great, simple to follow pattern can be found at 

free cozy coffee pattern

FREE Coffee Cup Cozy Pattern Here