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Shop Talk: Fabric Nook
by April Henry

Continuing with our Fabric Nook organizational process, we wanted to bring you some more photos and a few more details as we worked through additional fabric and notions.

There were still a few kits to sort through, fabric bundles, yardage and bags of various scraps.  Kits were designated as either still worthy to keep or pass along and the bundles, yardage and scraps were sorted into two areas:  Subcut or Keep As Is (for future borders, backing, binding etc.)

Stacked bins on the left are mostly filled with large scraps to be subcut.  Fabric in the large pale pink baskets were also designated to be subcut.  Admittedly, it is still very overwhelming to me, but with Tammy's assistance and our baby steps to organization, I can definitely see and feel progress.  Documenting with photos is also very encouraging when it feels like shuffle here, shuffle there, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.  The photographs make me want to keep going!  And, I think when it comes time to actually do the subcutting, I will have an even clearer picture of what I should continue keeping for future use.... or (sigh) realistically pass along to someone else's crafty enjoyment.  As I have mentioned before, each fabric print is like having the right color for a painting, and I am especially inspired by unique vintage and vintage-inspired prints, so whittling even further will be a struggle of the will.... but necessary.  In order to maintain a clear path and to maintain a tidy workspace, the fabric to be cut is currently in a temporary spot on the stair landing.  I am determined, though, to get as much as I can (and still retain order and tidiness) back in the Fabric Nook for future sewing projects and many, many quilts.  (Tammy is exceedingly gracious as I am a little embarrassed as to how much fabric I have accumulated.... there, I said it.... in print.....eeeek!)

A couple of weeks ago, I needed to go through patterns with a friend, and it was so nice to just go up to the nook, grab the books and patterns, put them in a basket for us to peruse through and then put them back when finished.  I didn't have to go sorting and searching through piles and nothing got disarrayed when I could easily return it to its proper place.

We found a few more tools and notions and put them in their designated baskets on the bottom shelf.  Hmmmmm, looks like I actually have two cans of basting spray..... 

We did some more shuffling and rearranging to maximize space.  The bottom basket right now has all my Liberty of London Tana Lawns(Someday, I really want to make a scrappy Liberty quilt using linen as the background fabric!)  If you are not familiar with Liberty of London fabric, it's amazing.  The weave is so tight and the cotton so elegant, it's the perfect drape for a blouse or dress, but I have seen quilts that are so beautiful and romantic, they remind me of Chintz fine china or English countryside gardens - the prints are timeless!  In 2017, on a family vacation, I had the opportunity to visit the actual Liberty department store.  Turns out "Liberty" is more than just fabric, but I ventured straight to the 3rd floor and was in Liberty fabric heaven!

April and Carmon on the right, under the Liberty Umbrella.

I decided to leave this photo so you could see that while it is organized (mostly), it still has plans for more great improvement.  Stay tuned for what we will do in the future with those stacked bags!  The top bin still has some yardage leftover from apparel sewing days; yardage that I am just having a hard time letting go of, so we will see......

Thank you for following this fabric organizing journey.... Until next time!