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Shop Talk: Fabric Nook Organization Continues...
by April Henry

The shelves of solids have been more of an annoyance to me than anything over the past two or three years.  There are times one needs a solid for this small project or that small project, but generally, solids are needed in quilts as backgrounds or binding.  This takes more yardage than what I mostly have available in this little stash.  What do you do with your small solid fabric stash?  For now, it needed organizing and eliminating the fabric that was truly unnecessary.


Fabric Nook Organization

Pulling it all off the shelves and sorting by color was the first task.

Fabric Nook Organization

The empty space on the shelf above is where the solid fabrics will be returned after they are all sorted, folded and re-organized.

Fabric Nook Organization

We whittled it down to two bins, folding and tucking so it would display as tidy and accessible as possible.


Fabric Nook Organization

Fabric Nook Organization

The scraps of all the reproduction thirties fabric and vintage style prints has remained fairly organized by color.  However, like most quilters, there seems to always be a new and exciting print to behold, so I have a lot more prints to add to this...  I also seem to hold on to prints for a long, long time.  To consider actually cutting my favorite prints for a project makes me feel like I'm going to lose it forever and then I won't have it for that something better later on.  (I know you fabric lovers can relate!)  Truly, I need to learn to get past this anxiety.  Another purge or two may be required before we get this nook all finished.


Fabric Nook Organization

Up next, we begin "pre-cutting" the stash so it can be ready to use whenever needed for a quilt or sewing project....stay tuned for another installment at a later date!