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Article: A Peek into The Featherweight Shop's Singer Collection

A Peek into The Featherweight Shop's Singer Collection


The entryway to our little Shop has become a display area for our collection of Singer items, and we are always happy to share it with those who stop by.  We don't get many visitors as we are out of town and miles from any big city, so we have decided to bring some of the collection to you!  Below are some of our Singer postcards and signs that we have hung around the shop.  

Post Cards:

 Singer's Cabinet Factory in South Bend, IN

Singer Factory in France

Singer Factory in Elizabeth, NJ

Singer Quebec Factory 

Singer French Post Card

Postcard advertisement for a new store in Hornell, NY

British WWII postcard

French Singer postcard

Postcard showing the height of the new Singer Building

A cute postcard from Singer advertising the 66

A postcard used to request a sewing machine via mail

The Singer Building, NY 

Singer even rented machines! 

A fascinating Lithuanian postcard.

An elegant French postcard

Singer Signs:

The most iconic thing about Singer is the big red 'S'.  These signs are very hard to find, but we have collected some and have them on display here in the shop.

This British one is about 50" tall!

This fun one sits in Christian's office window!

This one could be Swiss as it features both the German and French languages.

A fun Spanish one advertising needles

A small French and German sign

Simple, Strong!

This sign is likely from Belgium as it features both the Dutch and French languages.

An original poster in excellent condition

A slightly newer (1960s) bright sign

Singer letters!

A light-up clock sign!

This beautiful original little sign arrived to us in its original brown paper covering.  This is likely the first place it has ever been displayed!

There is so much more to share and see here at the shop, so if you are in the area, feel free to give us a call and stop by!