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How To Remove and Install a Singer Featherweight Belt

We are sometimes asked when to replace a Featherweight belt as well as how to remove and install a new belt. This video tutorial will show you examples of some bad belts and what to look for, as well as the proper way for installing it.


Another thing to take note of is the motor pulley because depending on what kind you have will depend on how the belt is removed and how it is installed.  Many of you may have 2, 3, 4, or more Featherweights in your collection... and you may have noticed that some motor pulleys are metal and some have a plastic-looking (it's actually Bakelite) motor pulley.  We have often received questions asking if the metal motor pulley was missing its black cap... no -- just different style motor pulleys. 

IMPORTANT!  if you have a motor with a Bakelite motor pulley, do not be so quick to change that belt without watching the video all the way to the end.  Bakelite is very brittle and after all these years, the pulleys are prone to breakage.  No worries, however, if that happens, because we now have a perfectly suited replica motor pulley - (click here to order one, even for a back-up!)

A motor pulley that needs to be removed first before the belt installment will be found on some black Featherweights, as well as white and tan Featherweights.


If your belt is worn out or you have the wrong kind and need to order a new one, you can order a new one by clicking here.