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Article: How to Thread a Featherweight Bobbin Case (Getting to Know Your Featherweight, Part 2)

How to Thread a Featherweight Bobbin Case (Getting to Know Your Featherweight, Part 2)


How To Thread the Bobbin Case & Insert It Into the Machine

Ruthie continues with her Getting To Know Your Singer Featherweight 221 series and shows us how to correctly place the bobbin into the bobbin case as well as how to insert the bobbin case into the machine.  A couple of things to remember from her tutorial today:

1.)  Counter-Clockwise

If the bobbin is correctly placed in the bobbin case, then the bobbin will spin counter-clockwise when the thread is pulled from the case.

2.)  The Latch

The latch on a Singer Featherweight bobbin case is unique in that it has a very small spring inside.  When the latch is held open, the bobbin is held steady, retained in its case and won't fall out as easily.  Once you release the latch the bobbin will spin freely on the machine.  If you release the latch before you reach the machine with the bobbin case (and if the case happens to be turned upside down), the bobbin will fall out.  A good original bobbin case will have a latch that easily springs closed.

Suggested Products:
1) Crosswound Spool of thread: Aurifil or Presencia
2) Bobbins
3) Bobbin Case
4) Singer Featherweight Instruction Manual 221 or 222

Be careful not to pull too hard on your bobbin case latch, though, because they can break.  If your latch is broken, we do carry a replacement latch here, as well as the itty bitty latch spring and other bobbin case parts.

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