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The Importance of a Thread Stand on a Singer Featherweight

Learn about the various types of thread spools and why a Thread Stand is important for proper tension on a Singer Featherweight!


In the original days of the Featherweight, the only thread spools available were the wooden "stacked" spools, designed to spin as the thread was gently pulled straight in the direction of the first thread guide on the machine.  

Wooden Stacked Thread Spool

Today's new, modern crosswound thread spools, however, are specifically designed to have the thread "lift" off to eliminate extra tension as the thread is directed toward the needle.

Auriful Cross Wound Thread Spool

Having these heavier-weighted crosswound spools (while great for the quilt project) are not as conducive to unwinding the thread straight as the original wooden, stacked spools once were.  Therefore, it is imperative that the machine be properly threaded, with the first "hook" lifting that thread up and in the Thread Stand... it's a wire holder for thread!  Your thread will flow more smoothly, your tension will be more consistent and your stitches more uniform.

Singer Featherweight 221 222 Thread Stand

Singer Featherweight 221 222 Thread Stand

The thread stands we carry are portable and perfectly suited to fit inside the Featherweight Case, making them super easy to tote with you to Quilt Classes, Retreats, etc.


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