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Featherweight Maintenance Workshop, Novice

Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop, Novice

NOVICE Routine Maintenance Workshop:

Every well-made sewing machine, including the Singer Featherweight, can be maintained to run easily and to sew perfectly.  For easy running of the machine, a Featherweight must be clean, well-oiled and properly adjusted or serviced.  For perfect sewing, certain adjustments such as threading, tensions, and stitch formation must be correct.

This all-daycomprehensive workshop teaches Featherweight owners how to service and maintain their own Singer Featherweight on a regular basis. These machines were engineered with simplicity in mind — not just for easy portability, but also designed so that owners could service and maintain their own little sewing machine themselves.

To see this year's schedule, registration information, and pricing for our Novice Workshops; click here!

Workshop class members will learn:

  • Featherweight Historical Overview
  • Oiling & Lubricating
  • Tension Adjustments
  • Electrical Components
  • Stitch Formation
  • Cleaning & Polishing
  • Case Refurbishing
  • Attachment Identification
  • Troubleshooting

Basic oiling is important, but proper care and servicing of the Featherweight requires much more. Carmon, the Featherweight Technician, will teach participants how to give their machines the standard service – regularly!  The Workshop more than pays for itself because you won’t have to pay for routine maintenance again!  (You’ll even learn how to get that worn-out-looking Featherweight Case looking beautiful again!)

Machine mechanical knowledge is not a prerequisite, so you needn’t worry about having maintenance experience.  Carmon's kind approach puts all students at ease as he gently guides each student through every step.

 Singer Featherweight Maintenance Workshop, Novice

TIME:  These Workshops start at 9:00 am in the morning and end at 4:30 pm in the afternoon.  Lunch will be included.

Supply List & Tools Required for Novice Workshop:

If you do not already have the tools on this list, links are provided below to order. 

  1. Featherweight Machine (in working order**)
    must include Bobbin Case & Bobbin
    (1 machine per person)
  2. Small Wera Screwdriver
  3. Long Wera Screwdriver
  4. Sewing Machine Oil
  5. The Featherweight Shop Lubricant
    (because it has the correct melting point)
  6. Old bath towel (this will get greasy)
  7. Bright flashlight
  8. Two (2) spools of quality cotton thread of two different colors
    (Gutermann, Metler, Aurifil, Presencia, Superior, etc.)
  9. Small Scissors

    Optional Items
  10. Rubber Gloves (if hands are sensitive to kerosene or oils)
  11. Tablet and Writing Pen (to take notes)
  12. Apron (if you want to protect your clothing)
  13. Thread-O-Stat Thread Grabber for removing thread from small areas
  14. Magnetic Bowl to keep your small parts from getting lost

** Machines that require actual repair will not be suitable for the Basic Workshop day.  If you need assistance with Singer Featherweight repair, please contact Carmon Henry at (208) 880-8887 with questions ahead of time. It may be something simple that can be remedied on your machine, but if it is anything major, he can discuss and make arrangements with you prior to class.


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