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Our Friends of the Featherweight Needle

Friends of the Featherweight Needle

Below are some different websites and resources we have referred to over the years. Whether it be a group forum for fellow Featherweight enthusiasts, another Singer Sewing Machine collector with their own supply of goods for sale, or some of April's favorite fabric and pattern websites, it has been a pleasure to work with all that we list here.

Singer Featherweight Facebook Group - a forum for Featherweight enthusiasts to share
ISMACS - International Sewing Machine and Collectors' Society
Featherweight Fanatics - pioneer FW page with links to the Featherweight Digest
Glenn Williams - based in Florida, another reputable source for FW Service
David Werther - based in Washington, another reputable source for FW Service
Jim Sorrell - based in Oklahoma, a reputable source for all vintage sewing machines
Ray White - based in Missouri, a reputable source for all sewing machine service
Singer 301A Resource Page - a tribute to the 1st Slant Needle Sewing Machine
Oliver + S - a Children's Pattern Company that April used to sew samples for
Gerald Holmes at Singer Featherweights in Color in Arkansas (booked solid for painting)