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Singer Featherweight San Francisco 1939-1940

Economists know there is a distinctive difference between Rare and Scarce. One is limited quantities and the other is limited available resources with which to obtain ... so in all honesty, this Singer Featherweight falls into both categories!

At the 1940 World's Fair held in San Francisco, California very few Singer Featherweight machines were promotionally badged with the Golden Gate emblem. As you'll see at first glance it looks very, very similar to the Centennial badge frequently seen but has the engraved title "Golden Gate Exposition San Francisco 1940".
A customer sent this machine to me on consignment a couple of weeks ago. I just finished taking photographs for an interested client but thought I would share it so that many could see this unique Featherweight 221.  The San Francisco World's Fair ran from 1939 to 1940, so you will find a few Featherweights with the 1939 badge and a few with the 1940 badge.  Keep your eye out!




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