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| Posted by Christian Henry

Is My Featherweight a Blackside?

Blackside Featherweights were made in 1941 and 1945, but I'm sure you've noticed some other Featherweights that had some blackside parts, too. There were parts like thumb screws and bobbin winders that were made with blackside finish, but do these parts indicate that the machine is a true Blackside Featherweight? In 1941 and 1945 there was a moratorium on chromium as a result of the war, so during this time Singer produced a few Featherweight parts with a black oxide finish. Of these blackened parts, there are specific ones that make for a true Blackside Featherweight. They are distinctive and...

| Posted by Carmon Henry

Singer Featherweight Blackside Finish

The “Blackside Featherweight” can be an obscure find unless you know what to look for, because it may just look like a regular Featherweight with only a few darker looking parts. However, there are some important distinctions, so you don't want to presume that just because a Featherweight has a blackside part, that it falls into the collectible “Blackside Featherweight” category. Proceed cautiously when purchasing one.   Before we discuss “blackside” specifically, we must delve into a bit of history from WWII. As you know, there were shortages and rations of certain metals and alloys to aid with the war...