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Article: The Singer Tools of Yesterday

The Singer Tools of Yesterday


The improvements in tools have changed dramatically throughout history - from arm-strength, weights, and pulleys to the electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic tools of today.  How have the tools used for working on sewing machines improved?  What did they look like in the past, and what can be used today?  Below are some photos showing the screwdrivers that would have been included with the Featherweight, and some Singer wrenches that would have been used by the Singer repairmen often on more industrial machines.

Screwdrivers of Yesterday:

These photos show how the original Featherweight screwdrivers have small handles - allowing them to fit easily in the attachment boxes.  Because these screwdriver handles are so small, it can be difficult to get a good grip on the screwdriver when attempting to loosen a stuck screw.

Wrenches of Yesterday:

Singer's wrenches do have something over most wrenches today, and that is quality.  These fabulous looking tools have survived so long, and yet can still properly do their intended job.  While the Featherweight doesn't have but a couple of places where a wrench would be used, there are a few of these original wrenches that do work to adjust the 3/8" nut for feed dog height and throw. 

Modern Tools:



The screwdrivers of today help get those extra-tight screws out much easier with the long shaft and ergonomic handle for obtaining that extra bit of torque.  Click here to see our video showing the benefits of these new screwdrivers. 


There are just a couple of nuts on the Featherweight that require a wrench, and they rarely get removed.  The ratcheting features of today's wrenches are very nice, and physics does show that a wrench with a longer handle will provide more torque on a stuck bolt.  If you are having trouble removing a nut or bolt, look for a wrench with a longer handle, but here in the shop we seldom use a wrench on the Featherweight.  The old Singer wrenches shown above would have been used by Singer repairmen on Singer's more industrial type machines.  These wrenches are quite rare and collectible.  Take a look here to see if we have any originals available for sale.  

 Having the proper tools is very important. Feel free to contact us here at the shop if you are unsure of what tool to use when servicing or repairing your Featherweight.