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What's New in The Featherweight Shop Vintage Collection - Oct. 2020

Here at the Featherweight Shop we have quite the collection of vintage Singer items.  Due to our remote location, very few customers have had the opportunity to see the many rare Singer items we have.  This series of blog posts brings our collection out for all to see what new items we get in.  Some of these items may be famous and recognizable, but we are sure there are others that very few have ever seen or heard of.  For the month of October 2020, here are some of our recent finds:

Here is a lovely red Sewhandy model #20.  They are commonly seen in black and tan, but the red ones are a rare original variation.

Here is an old Singer business card for a Chas. Blank.  The Detroit Ave. store location mentioned on the card is now a Starbucks.

A practical, but rare item - The original Singer pattern tracing wheel.  They came with various handle styles, but the two shown above are a more rare configuration.  Click Here to see if we have any available for sale.

This rare book was printed and distributed in France in commemoration of Singer's 100 year anniversary.  It features Singer's story as well as several Sewing hints and instructions.  Click Here to see if we have any of these rare books available for sale.

Here is an Italian ad from Singer.  We had it framed, and it hangs in a hallway here at the shop.

Shown above is a large rare poster from Singer in German.  It is in beautiful condition with vibrant colors and wonderful graphics.  Because it still features a treadle machine, it was likely made prior to the 1930s.

The front of this peculiar postcard has a near-frightening image of careless owls and angry frogs, but on the back is a stamp from Singer marketing their beloved machine.

Shown above are a couple very rare finds!  On the right is a smaller 1/2 liter jug that came from Italy, and on the left is a stunning 5 liter jug from Germany.  

This postcard shows the less known Singer factory in Bonnieres, France.  The factory was in use from the 1930s into the 1980s, and the water tower still stands today.

One beautiful item that we have is an original enamel Singer Sign.  This one would have been displayed in Belgium in the 1950s.  It is in beautiful condition, and it is available for sale here.

There are so many fun vintage Singer items here at the shop, and we are very excited to share our new finds with the Featherweight community each month.  Stay tuned for next month!